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TCI STAR HEALTH PRODUCTS MM07 Multi Massager Massager Specifications

Power Requirements
Power Required (Volts) 230 VAC
Power Source Power cable
Product Details
Brand TCI Star Health Products
Color Grey
Model ID MM07
Model Name Multi Massager
Type Body


  • Skin cleaning
  • Increases Face Glow
  • Handheld Massager
    • A Complete Body Massager.
    • Remove aches and Pain
    • Easy way to exercise and relax at the same time. – it can be changed by your requirement. Relaxes the muscles and eliminates pain caused by rigorous sporting activity. Seven attachment options with speed adjusting function
    • Please read the instruction manual carefully and thoroughly before using this product for the first time. This will help you to understand the entire product and ease you in getting setup this device
    • This magic massager suitable for all body parts like waist, neck, shoulder, arm, hips, thighs and lower leg abdomen
    • Massager hammer our massage head integrates four innovative function: infrared ray: heattreatment :magnetic therapy and hammering massage. of infrared rays directly function on the surface of your body,if combine with heating,the massage result will be even apparent.powerful magnetic field can strengthen the functioning of blood vessel and improve metabolism the massage head is made of high tech engineering plastic enabling more powerful hammering,with a step less speed adjustment device you can choose any speed you like. operation direction: Run massage hammer by ressing switch key where its indicator will be lighted. The speed of the massage hammer will be sloved down by speed reduction key. The speed of hammer will be higher by pressing speed increase key The massage hammer can be shifted between high to low limit by pressing auto key. Technological parameter : Input Voltage : AC230V 50HZ Rated power : 30Watt. Use time : 20 Minute.

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